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$37.95 on OTC-1020   

(ATD-2504)  Made in the U.S.A.
$177.67 on ATD-2504   

(ATD-12560)  25-250 ft.-lbs. 300-3,000 in.-lbs. With Teardrop Flex Head
$333.00 on ATD-12560   

(KDT-31038)  1/2"-20M Thread Min capacity .062 - Max .5" Fits all 1/2" and 3/8" variable speed and cordless drills
$33.88 on KDT-31038   

$54.66 on ATD-5666   

$153.76 on ATD-277   

(ATD-3399)  Fuel, air conditioning, Oil cooler lines, Transmission...
$29.87 on ATD-3399   

$26.67 on OTC-1022   

(OTC-1023)  4-3/4" Spread 2/3 Jaw
$38.88 on OTC-1023   

(JAB-JCM31037)  3/8"-24M Threads Min Capacity .062- Max .5" Fits all 1/2" and 3/8" variable speed and cordless drills
$33.67 on JAB-JCM31037   

(KDT-30354)  3/8"-24M thread Min capacity .04 - Max .375" Fits all 1/2" and 3/8" variable speed and cordless drills
$24.88 on KDT-30354   

$47.77 on OTC-1027   

$35.95 on ATD-5736   

(LIS-71350)  Removes Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts on Ford 6.0L and 6.4L Motors Without Damaging the Cylinder Head
$109.66 on LIS-71350   

$74.95 on ATD-276   

$91.87 on ATD-39361   

(LIS-37000)  Easily Disconnect Air Conditioning Lines and Quick Connect Fuel Lines. Disconnects the spring lock couplings on Ford and Chrysler air conditioning line
$8.67 on LIS-37000   

(MST-70033)  1/8"-1-1/8"
$23.95 on MST-70033   

$89.95 on LNC-1162   

$88.88 on ALO-39302   

$129.88 on ALO-39303   

$48.95 on AST-9447   

$11.97 on AST-9038   

$22.67 on AST-7660   

$29.95 on ATD-10305   

$36.99 on ATD-10310   

$77.67 on ATD-12500   

$87.67 on ATD-12501A   

(ATD-12502A)  Comes in a Blow Molded Storage Case!
$104.67 on ATD-12502A   

(ATD-12504)  Replaced by the ATD 12504A
$0.00 on ATD-12504   

(ATD-12504A)  Replaces the ATD 12504
$98.67 on ATD-12504A   

(ATD-12505)  Replaced by the ATD-12505A
$0.00 on ATD-12505   

(ATD-12505A)  Replaces the ATD 12505
$307.00 on ATD-12505A   

$12.95 on ATD-3043   

(ATD-2025)  Works with gasoline, kerosene, diesel or mixed fuels
$435.00 on ATD-2025   

(ATD-2505)  Made in the U.S.A.
$467.00 on ATD-2505   

$5.99 on ATD-5010   

$96.88 on ATD-3058   

(ATD-3390)  Fuel Lines, Air Conditioning, Heater Hose, Transmission Cooler lines, etc.
$45.38 on ATD-3390   

$94.67 on ATD-4380   

$77.77 on ATD-4375   

$27.77 on ATD-3044   

$94.97 on ATD-5160   

$14.95 on ATD-5403   

$258.77 on ATD-5410   

$58.95 on ATD-5478   

(ATD-5665)  Works on all oxygen sensors with 7/8" hex
$23.98 on ATD-5665   

$39.95 on ATD-5723   

$27.97 on ATD-8656   

$14.87 on ATD-7541   

(ATD-813)  Great for pulling spark plug wires & hoses!
$27.77 on ATD-813   

(ATD-83250)  For gasoline, diesel and water
$9.97 on ATD-83250   

$27.67 on ATD-8657   

(ATD-8658)  Made by Central Tools!
$149.66 on ATD-8658   

(ATD-8695)  9.1" throat, 11.9" length
$74.79 on ATD-8695   

$27.95 on ATD-5464   

$39.87 on ATD-8660A   

$34.95 on ATD-3057   

$64.95 on ATD-3039   

$16.67 on ATD-3046   

$79.85 on ATD-6508   

(ATD-3041)  Diameter from 1-1/2" to 4-5/8"
$19.88 on ATD-3041   

$98.77 on ATD-3045   

(ATD-8645)  Easily Loosen Lug Nuts!
$77.98 on ATD-8645   

$12.97 on ATD-8424   

$79.97 on ATD-12551   

(ATD-3052)  For GM, Ford, Chrysler, and some AMC
$37.99 on ATD-3052   

$74.76 on ATD-5556   

$24.95 on ATD-5401   

(Bernzomatic-TS3500T)  Used for soldering, lighting grills, removing rusty bolts and nuts and more!
$32.95 on Bernzomatic-TS3500T   

(CAL-84)  Connect to your phone! Waterproof up to 3'. Available in Android and IOS mobile app stores
$57.98 on CAL-84   

(MAY-45046)  Easily pick up dropped bolts in impossible to reach places!
$15.71 on MAY-45046   

$169.95 on CEN-6434   

$239.88 on CEN-6462   

$189.98 on CEN-6450   

$557.00 on CEN-6387   

$29.22 on CEN-3C101   

(CEN-97353A)  Made in the U.S.A.
$146.77 on CEN-97353A   

(CEN-3D103)  Use to check gear back lash, valve guide wear, camshaft wear, ball joint wear and brake rotor run-out
$86.67 on CEN-3D103   

(CEN-3D301)  2" - 6" Range
$89.99 on CEN-3D301   

$124.88 on CEN-6410   

$256.67 on CEN-6425A   

$83.29 on CEN-3D102   

$72.87 on CEN-3M113   

$393.00 on CEN-6380   

(CTA-1000)  Removes frozen or rusted screws, nuts, bolts or plugs without damage
$79.77 on CTA-1000   

(CTA-2221)  1.4L, 1.5L, 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.3L, 2.5L, 3.0L & 3.5L
$168.93 on CTA-2221   

(CTA-2880)  For locking and positioning camshafts, crankshafts & injection pump sprockets when replacing timing belts or chains.
$27.88 on CTA-2880   

(CTA-7639)  4.6L, 5.4L & 6.8L 3V
$42.87 on CTA-7639   

(CTA-7640)  One tool locks camshaft and the other locks the timing chain. Click for Application chart
$62.76 on CTA-7640   

(CTA-7641)  Click for Application chart
$59.95 on CTA-7641   

(CTA-8069)  Removes and installs water pump pulley on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury 3.0L DOHC engines
$72.79 on CTA-8069   

$24.95 on ATD-5463   

$26.87 on LIS-36880   

$18.88 on TPD-TP3200-0601   

(STL-97170)  Electronic Car squeak and rattle noise finder.
$97.95 on STL-97170   

(EZR-EZLINEB1SW )  Complete Package, W/software
$2,205.00 on EZR-EZLINEB1SW   

$7.95 on LIS-68100   

$8.97 on KDT-2391   

(ATD-8802)  Counter Display of 8
$8.77 on ATD-8802   

(OTC-6469)  Ford Tool Part No.: T96T-12200-A
$33.95 on OTC-6469   

(OTC-6489)  Covers 1992 through 2012 applications
$419.00 on OTC-6489   

(OTC-6918)  Designed to not break the spark plug in the first place!
$82.87 on OTC-6918   

$13.67 on ATD-5412   

(ATD-5400)  1996 thru 2003 two valve V8 and V10 Engines
$257.67 on ATD-5400   

$47.88 on ATD-5402   

$6.95 on LIS-37500   

$23.52 on GAT-6200   

$8.95 on GAT-6402   

$63.88 on GEN-143   

$24.88 on GEN-142   

$2.88 on GEN-80   

$9.97 on LIS-35000   

(GRY-9712MDG)  Magnetic Sockets! 6 point 5mm - 15mm includes 5.5mm Deep Length
$117.67 on GRY-9712MDG   

$64.95 on HAN-53227   

$27.88 on HAN-53226   

$42.77 on HAN-11119   

(LIS-53760)  Installs Harmonic Balancers or Drive Pulleys that are Pressed on the Crankshaft
$112.77 on LIS-53760   

(OTC-7793)  For use on a variety of jobs: harmonic balancers, steering wheels, crankshaft pulleys, and gears
$137.77 on OTC-7793   

(JDI-FC-PRK13)  by John Dow Industries
$198.95 on JDI-FC-PRK13   

$51.88 on BRM-GBD4   

$58.88 on BRM-GBD412   

$54.88 on BRM-GBD414   

$119.77 on STK-20350   

(SGT-36350)  Easily Check Ignition Systems, Fuel Injection Sytems and Idle Air Systems!
$44.95 on SGT-36350   

(III-MD700)  110V Handheld Induction Heater & Flameless Torch. Remove frozen nuts and bolts!
$0.00 on III-MD700   

(III-MDV-777)  110V Handheld Induction Heater & Flameless Torch. Remove frozen nuts and bolts!
$0.00 on III-MDV-777   

$24.95 on VSG-394001   

(JDI-FC-25GC)  For use with Gasoline, Kerosene and Transmission Fluid
$597.00 on JDI-FC-25GC   

$359.75 on JDI-FC-25PFC   

(KDT-2189D)  Bends 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8in. copper and steel tubing
$28.97 on KDT-2189D   

$21.95 on KDT-2289   

$12.67 on KDT-2291   

$9.67 on KDT-2419   

(KDT-2757D)  Accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing spark plug from engine.
$8.68 on KDT-2757D   

(KDT-2833D)  Removes glaze from engine cylinders from 3/4" to 4" and 19mm to 101mm in diameter
$23.97 on KDT-2833D   

$62.97 on KDT-41600   

$59.97 on KAS-972   

$21.88 on KAS-436A   

$4.99 on KAS-4450A   

(KAS-8586)  15mm, 16mm, and 3/8" Square
$26.88 on KAS-8586   

$31.67 on KDT-715   

$25.67 on KDT-1140   

$26.97 on KDT-1708   

$29.67 on KDT-2071   

$25.97 on KDT-2270   

$19.89 on KDT-2420   

(KDT-31430)  9 Piece 1-5/8 to 1-3/4in.
$117.67 on KDT-31430   

$17.77 on KDT-3336   

$128.67 on KDT-3627   

$49.87 on KDT-41860   

$68.67 on KDT-850DD   

$14.95 on KDT-3321   

$62.77 on LNG-972   

(LNG-971)  Made in the U.S.A.
$78.66 on LNG-971   

$41.95 on LNG-TU29P   

$69.95 on LNG-TU24APB   

$11.87 on LIS-10000   

$13.67 on LIS-10400   

$11.87 on LIS-10500   

$14.38 on LIS-12050   

$15.77 on LIS-12060   

$12.67 on LIS-12100   

$174.67 on LIS-15000   

(LIS-16000)  1 3/4" to 2 3/4" (44.5 - 66.9mm)
$174.67 on LIS-16000   

$147.67 on LIS-18000   

$29.95 on LIS-19250   

(LIS-19380)  Simply touch spark plug wires to test for spark!
$6.99 on LIS-19380   

(LIS-19940)  Removes the pivot pin on GM, Ford and Chrysler tilt and telescoping steering columns steering wheels built by Saginaw.
$8.77 on LIS-19940   

$10.67 on LIS-20610   

$16.97 on LIS-20750   

$29.95 on LIS-21500   

$29.67 on LIS-21520   

$18.94 on LIS-23500   

$16.97 on LIS-24000   

(LIS-28100)  Commonly used for tightening head bolts
$29.87 on LIS-28100   

$26.77 on LIS-30200   

$32.96 on LIS-32000   

(LIS-32500)  1 5/8" to 2 7/16" (41.3mm - 61.9mm)
$28.67 on LIS-32500   

(LIS-32750)  Fits 2-3/8" to 3-1/4"
$36.87 on LIS-32750   

(LIS-34400)  1-5/8" to 2-7/16". Can use on Stainless Steel.
$84.87 on LIS-34400   

$49.87 on LIS-36500   

(LIS-37200)  For Use When Servicing the Timing Chain on Ford 3.5L - 2007 to 2016, non-turbo 2017. 3.7L - 2009 and newer
$42.88 on LIS-37200   

(LIS-37230)  For Use When Servicing the Timing Chain on 2017 and Newer Ford V6 3.5L Turbo Engines
$57.95 on LIS-37230   

(LIS-37300)  Unique Design Provides Extra Leverage When Disconnecting Quick Connect Coupling Air Conditioning and Fuel Lines.
$15.77 on LIS-37300   

$29.57 on LIS-38220   

$17.97 on LIS-38350   

(LIS-39400)  Fuel, A/C
$13.77 on LIS-39400   

(LIS-39850)  Includes fuel line quick connect and spring lock couplings, air conditioning line couplings, and transmission oil cooler connectors.
$119.77 on LIS-39850   

(LIS-29650)  Fits Eight Common Domestic and Import Nuts!
$33.88 on LIS-29650   

(LIS-42400)  Easily Removes Quick Connect Air Connectors!
$27.97 on LIS-42400   

$13.97 on LIS-45000   

$28.67 on LIS-45300   

$16.77 on LIS-45500   

$29.67 on LIS-46170   

$18.87 on LIS-48700   

$18.67 on LIS-51750   

$19.95 on LIS-52750   

$12.67 on LIS-55250   

$15.95 on LIS-57340   

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