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Automotive Tools Supplies

Automotive Repair Tools discount tools graphic.gif Diagnostic Equipment

Ingersoll Rand IR2130 600 ft. lbs. Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench

Saber II 15-Watt LED Underhood Light With 25' Cord

ATD 29" 8-Drawer Roller Cabinet Bottom for the 7102

FJC-6909- 3.0 CFM Vacuum Pump

Astro Pneumatic 7867- Fan Clutch Wrench Set

Leonardo HVLP Spray Gun Kit ATD Tools

Battery Booster Cables by ATD 4 Ga. 20' 500amp Parrot Clamps

MARSON "Big Daddy" Rivet Gun/Riveter 1/8" - 1/4"

Lisle 15000 Engine Cylinder Hone

OTC-6087- GM Injection Pump Wrench Set

Solar OS6140 Battery Charger with Engine Start and Battery Tester

Lisle 30610 Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester with Grounding Adapters

Lisle Transmission Oil Cooler Line Remover Set

18" Professional Urethane Cut Out Knife

64-SMD LED Work Light with 50’ Retractable Reel

SK 60pc. 1/4" Dr Socket Superset

ATD Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Tracerline TP9367 Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool and Borescope

Gatco Alaskan Zipper Knife

Grey Pneumatic 1/2" Dr. 6pt. 19pc. Deep Impact Socket Set

MasterCool Universal A/C Clutch Holding Tool 90499

Vermont American 1/16" - 3/8" 21 pc. High Speed Drill Bit Set

Ford Spark Plug Remover Kit, Triton 3V

Lisle 39660 Transmission Oil Cooler Line Scissors

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