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$164.87 on KNK-JNC770R   

(CAL-560)  2500 Peak Amps for use on a majority of gas and diesel powered engines up to 9.6L gas and 7.0L diesel
$117.97 on CAL-560   

(CAL-570)  Weighs under 5 lbs. Peak Amps: 12V – 1200A, 24V – 600A
$255.00 on CAL-570   

$559.00 on ASO-6009AGM   

$42.77 on ASO-9003   

(ASO-12-2415)  With Printer Blow Molded Case and Free Associated 12-2416 Bar Code Scanner good until March 31 2019!
$367.00 on ASO-12-2415   

(ASO-6012AGM)  70/60 Amps charger 250 Amp Crank Assist at 12V NEW 12V SAFE FOR AGM Setting Please call for price
$0.00 on ASO-6012AGM   

(ASO-6006AGM)  Safe for AGM & Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
$625.00 on ASO-6006AGM   

(ASO-6001A)  6/12 Volt 550 amp
$797.00 on ASO-6001A   

$709.75 on ASO-6127XL   

$106.77 on ASO-6034   

$159.00 on ASO-12-1012   

(ASO-12-1015)  Starter, Alternator, Ground and Battery Test with Built in Thermo Printer and USB port
$269.00 on ASO-12-1015   

$64.88 on ASO-6026   

$897.00 on ASO-6002B   

(ASO-KS400)  1700 peak amps 360 cold cranking. Please call for price and availability
$0.00 on ASO-KS400   

(ASO-US20)  Made in the U.S.A. Please call for price and availability
$0.00 on ASO-US20   

(ATD-7975)  Solid Copper
$157.87 on ATD-7975   

(ATD-3705)  High-quality refractometer offers a fast, easy way to test the freezing point of coolant/anti-freeze
$46.95 on ATD-3705   

(ATD-7972)  Solid Copper!
$72.77 on ATD-7972   

$113.97 on ATD-5489   

(ATD-5491)  6V & 12V Electronic Battery & 6-12-24-36V Charging/Starting Systems Tester with USB adapter for computer/printer hookup. Made in the U.S.A.
$387.00 on ATD-5491   

(ATD-5493)  Made in the U.S.A.
$339.00 on ATD-5493   

(ATD-5494)  Tests all 12V lead-acid batteries, including AGM and Gel
$137.87 on ATD-5494   

(ATD-5915 )  Great for Seasonal storage of lawn mowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc.!
$24.87 on ATD-5915   

(ATD-79700)  Commercial Duty!
$29.97 on ATD-79700   

(ATD-79701)  Commercial Duty!
$33.87 on ATD-79701   

(ATD-79702)  Commercial Duty!
$42.88 on ATD-79702   

(ATD-79703)  Commercial Duty!
$59.89 on ATD-79703   

(ATD-79704)  Commercial Duty!
$76.67 on ATD-79704   

(ATD-79705)  Commercial Duty!
$139.00 on ATD-79705   

(ATD-7974)  Solid Copper! Heavy Duty with 62" fixed hookup cables with eyelets Great for Service Vehicles!
$137.87 on ATD-7974   

(ATD-3325)  3-in-1 tool combines coolant, battery, and DEF scales all in one!
$62.95 on ATD-3325   

$24.95 on ATD-5488   

(ATD-7973A)  Solid Copper!
$94.67 on ATD-7973A   

$22.48 on CAL-71   

(CAL-540)  200 Cold Cranking Amps. Latest version updated 10/16/2020
$54.88 on CAL-540   

$74.67 on CAL-550   

(CAL-579)  Keep your smartphones, tablets and other devices charged while on the go!
$37.67 on CAL-579   

$28.77 on SOL-4502   

$49.77 on FJC-45244   

$19.95 on CAL-551   

$142.87 on ESI-695   

$32.77 on FJC-45233   

(EZR-BMK1914)  Everything you need in one Portable Kit!
$46.76 on EZR-BMK1914   

(SOL-PL2510)  10/6/2 Amp 6/12V with Engine Start.
$82.77 on SOL-PL2510   

(KNK-PRO660)  On Sale was $197.00
$149.00 on KNK-PRO660   

$127.87 on KNK-4000   

$224.77 on KNK-JNCAIR   

$67.77 on KNK-JNC300XL   

$62.95 on KNK-CS1000   

(KAS-B10A)  Ratcheting 9-3/4" Reach
$8.95 on KAS-B10A   

(LNG-6525)  Ratcheting Extra Long 9-3/4" Length
$9.88 on LNG-6525   

(LIS-17982)  Green for use with anti-freeze
$16.45 on LIS-17982   

(LIS-60900)  Adjustable Pressure Industrial Spray Gun and Stepped Tip Design for Easy Heater Core Flushing.
$27.87 on LIS-60900   

$98.98 on ASO-6029   

$159.77 on ASO-6031   

$763.00 on MDT-MDX650P   

$449.00 on MDT-P300   

$128.67 on MDT-PBT100   

$304.77 on MDT-PBT300   

(MTY-MV4508)  Connect hand pump to Universal Radiator Adapter and perform pressure test.
$39.69 on MTY-MV4508   

(OTC-3200)  Full Data Reporting Straight to you Smart Phone! OTC 3200
$329.00 on OTC-3200   

(PLT-99300)  700 Peak Amps / 350 Cranking Amps Capacitor can fully charge in 45 seconds! FREE SHIPPING!
$179.67 on PLT-99300   

$73.63 on SOL-PL2208   

$88.63 on SOL-PL2212   

$57.77 on ROB-75240   

(SCM-DSR114)  12V 2200 Peak Amp with USB and DC Power
$189.00 on SCM-DSR114   

$62.67 on SMC-INC-2405   

(SCM-DSR115)  12/24V 4400 Peak Amp
$463.00 on SCM-DSR115   

$49.77 on SOL-BA5   

$74.87 on SOL-BA7   

$39.95 on SOL-1002   

(SOL-4001)  Please Call for price and availability!
$0.00 on SOL-4001   

(SOL-4506)  6/12 Volt 6/2 Amp Smart Charger
$32.97 on SOL-4506   

(SOL-4512)  12 Volt 12/6/2 Amp
$44.77 on SOL-4512   

(SOL-4520)  12 Volt 20/10/2 Amp Smart Charger
$58.67 on SOL-4520   

(SOL-4735)  40/10/2/200 Amp 12 Volt
$169.67 on SOL-4735   

$86.97 on SOL-BA9   

$456.00 on SOL-BA327   

(TCB-ES2500)  250 crank-assist amps
$136.00 on TCB-ES2500   

(TCB-ES6000)  600 crank-assist amps. Free Shipping!
$299.00 on TCB-ES6000   

(TCB-ES1224)  800/600 crank-assist amps.
$464.00 on TCB-ES1224   

(KNK-JNC550A)  300 Cold Cranking Amps 1100 Peak
$174.95 on KNK-JNC550A   

$274.00 on SOL-OS6120   

$49.97 on SOL-PL2140   

(SOL-PL2320)  20/10/2 Amp 6/12V Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer
$82.33 on SOL-PL2320   

(SOL-PL2410)  10/6/2 Amp 12/24V
$132.67 on SOL-PL2410   

$379.67 on SOL-PL3760   

$129.77 on SOL-PL4020   

(SOL-PL2310)  10/6/2 Amp 6/12V Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer.
$94.67 on SOL-PL2310   

(TCB-ES5000)  400 Cranking Amps
$169.66 on TCB-ES5000   

$7.49 on THX-115   

$32.67 on THX-356   

$11.43 on THX-117   

(UVW-550500)  Refill your coolant system without airlocks!
$84.67 on UVW-550500   

(UVW-570000)  Used to remove and refill cooling systems
$889.00 on UVW-570000   

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