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Fuel Injection Expansion kit for ATD-5651

  • SKU: ATD-5652
  • Fuel Injection Expansion Kit
    Works in conjunction with ATD-5651 to cover virtually all major domestic and foreign platforms, 1988 to present: Banjo bolt test adapters and vehicles banjo bolts are the same size hex, which enables the Technician to use the same wrench for component removal and installation. Contains M6 x 1.00 Honda test port adapter. Includes longer redesigned test hose adapters for Ford, Toyota/Geo and Audi/VW. The longer test hoses allow adapters to tee into the fuel system with less distortion and movement of the fuel line by looping the test adapter. Unlike competing kits, ATD-5652 contains: 11mm O-ring adapter and bolts used on popular Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. M12 x 1.00 Honda pulse damper adapter used on popular Accord, Civic and S2000 models. Includes: Deadhead pressure adapter, Ford right angle adapter and Schrader right angle adapter. Consists of marked adapters for easy cross-reference to adapter guide book. Does not include gauge or gauge test hose.
  • Price:  $127.67
  • Weight:  1
Fuel Injection Expansion kit for ATD-5651


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