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ATD Tools 35 Piece 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" Drive TORX Bit Set

  • SKU: ATD-125
  • Packaged in a blow molded case. Chrome vanadium, 2-piece steel construction. Contains:
    1/4" drive TORX Bits
    ATD-126 T-8 ATD-127 T-10
    ATD-128 T-15 ATD-129 T-20
    ATD-130 T-25 ATD-131 T-27
    ATD-132 T-30

    3/8" drive TORX Bits
    ATD-135 T-47 ATD-124563 T-40
    ATD-124565 T-50 ATD-124564 T-45
    ATD-124566 T-55

    1/2" drive TORX Bit
    ATD-138 T-60

    1/4" drive Tamperproof TORX Bits
    ATD-139 T-7 ATD-140 T-8
    ATD-141 T-9 ATD-142 T-10
    ATD-143 T-15 ATD-144T-20
    ATD-145 T-25 ATD-146T-27 ATD-147 T-30

    3/8" drive Tamperproof TORX Bits
    ATD-148 T-40 ATD-149 T-45
    ATD-151 T-50 ATD-152 T-55

    1/4" drive Star TORX Sockets
    ATD-153 E-4 ATD-154 E-5
    ATD-155 E-6 ATD-156 E-7
    ATD-157 E-8

    3/8" drive Star TORX Sockets
    ATD-158 E-10 ATD-159 E-12
    ATD-160 E-14 ATD-161 E-16

    1/2" drive Star TORX Sockets
    ATD-162 E-18

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  • Price:  $27.87
  • Weight:  5
ATD Tools 35 Piece 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" Drive TORX Bit Set


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